Colloidal Silver Secrets Part II (DVD)

Colloidal Silver Secrets Part II DVD

There are dozens of powerful ways to use colloidal silver for maximizing your family’s health and well-being.

But inappropriate usage methods are probably the #1 most frequent cause when colloidal silver fails to help bring quick relief from an infection or a related health issue.

For example, a reader once wrote to chastise me because her son’s nasty case of Pink Eye, an eye infection usually caused by the adenovirus, was not cured when she had him use colloidal silver.

So I asked her how she was using it. She said, “I gave him a half a cup of colloidal silver to drink, three times a day.”

Well, there’s the problem: You can’t cure a Pink Eye infection by drinking colloidal silver. You have to apply drops of colloidal silver directly into the eye.

Indeed, according to experts such as Dr. James Balch, author of the best-selling book Prescription for Nutritional Healing, just two or three drops of 10 ppm strength colloidal silver in each eye, three times a day, will easily cure a case of Pink Eye in just a day or two.

(Watch Steve Barwick demonstrate how to use colloidal silver in the eyes – quickly and easily – in the Colloidal Silver Secrets II: Using Colloidal Silver in the Home DVD!)

Likewise, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever be able to cure an earache simply by drinking colloidal silver. But, by putting four or five drops of colloidal silver inside the offending ear and allowing it to seep down into the ear canal for six to ten minutes, and repeating the process three times a day, you can usually shut down even a severe earache overnight!

(You’ll learn more about using colloidal silver to heal earaches – and watch Steve demonstrate exactly how to do it for maximum effectiveness, in the Colloidal Silver Secrets II: Using Colloidal Silver in the Home DVD.)

Another example: Some people have complained that drinking colloidal silver did not help with their bronchitis, pneumonia or other upper respiratory infection. And that does occasionally happen.

But nine times out of ten, if the person will inhale the colloidal silver directly into their lungs where the infection is, using a medical nebulizer rather than merely drinking it, relief begins almost immediately and the infection can be healed within a matter of days.

(You’ll learn more about nebulizing colloidal silver in Steve Barwick’s Colloidal Silver Secrets II: Using Colloidal Silver in the Home DVD.)

In short, getting the method of administration right is often just as important as getting the dosage right. And that’s why you need this brand new DVD right away!

Colloidal Silver Secrets II:
Using Colloidal Silver in the Home DVD​

Indeed, natural health journalist Steve Barwick produced this brand new, full-color, 60-minute DVD as a follow-up to his original Colloidal Silver Secrets DVD, which mainly discussed dosages and diseases.

The new Colloidal Silver Secrets II: Using Colloidal Silver in the Home DVD takes your knowledge base one step further by showing you a variety of ways to administer colloidal silver for accelerated healing.

Consisting of twelve separate “how to” demonstrations, you’ll learn:

  • Lesson #1: Using Colloidal Silver in a Nasal Spray Bottle for Sinus and Allergies: Colloidal silver is one of the most effective natural substances you can use for knocking out sinus infections or alleviating nasal allergy symptoms. All you need is some 5 to 10 ppm colloidal silver, and a small nasal spray bottle. In this video lesson, you'll learn how to use colloidal silver intranasally for maximum benefit against nasal allergies and sinus conditions. Plus, you'll learn how to quickly and easily make your own nasal spray "squeeze" bottle for using colloidal silver intranasally. And you’ll learn where to get the little glass nasal pump spray bottles from commercial sources.
  • Lesson #2: Cure Sinus Infections With Colloidal Silver and a Neti Pot: Stubborn sinus infections can be real beasts to cure. Many times, multiple courses of antibiotic drugs have to be used. And sometimes, even the antibiotics won't do the trick. But many people have found profound relief from sinus conditions using safe, natural colloidal silver in a simple and inexpensive device called a Neti Pot. Neti Pots are available in almost any drug store, such as Walgreen's or the drug department at Walmart. These simple devices allow you to safely and easily "pour" colloidal silver directly into your sinuses, and wash them out. This gets the powerful all-natural healing and infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver directly into your sinuses. To learn how simple it is to use colloidal silver and a Neti Pot to cure stubborn sinus infections and related sinus conditions, just watch this video lesson.
  • Lesson #3: Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Gel and Colloidal Silver Soap: In this short video lesson you'll learn how to quickly and easily make your own highly antibacterial colloidal silver gel and colloidal silver soap for just pennies, rather than spending big bucks on such products online or at your local health food store. You can use your colloidal silver gel on cuts, burns, insect bites, skin eruptions, sunburn and much more. And you can use your colloidal silver soap for maximum disinfection purposes whenever needed. It's one of the easiest ways in the world to put the healing antimicrobial power of colloidal silver to work for you. And it's so simple to do, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it yourself!
  • Lesson #4: Healing Infected Boils With Colloidal Silver and a Clay Poultice: This simple trick for healing infected boils with colloidal silver and a clay poultice is extremely effective. The Bentonite clay gently draws the infected material (pus) from the boil, while the colloidal silver you've mixed with the clay (learn how, in the video) kills the staph and other bacteria present, in order to heal the infection. Much to the chagrin of my doctor, I was able to avoid a painful lancing of an infected boil by using this very simple and effective method. Discover how utterly simple it is to make your own colloidal silver and clay poultice for getting rid of infected boils.
  • Lesson #5: Heal Eye Infections With Colloidal Silver: Using colloidal silver in the eyes for infections like Pink Eye or sties is safe, extremely simple to do, and powerfully effective. Even natural health advocates such as Dr. James Balch, M.D., author of the bestselling book, Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing, heartily recommends it, pointing out that colloidal silver can wipe out sties in a matter of days, and Pink Eye can be eradicated with colloidal silver in under 48 hours in many cases. What's more, for allergies and itching eyes colloidal silver can be used very effectively to relieve the itching and refresh the eyes in just minutes after applying. Learn how by watching the video lesson!
  • Lesson #6: Cure an Earache With Colloidal Silver: Curing earaches with colloidal silver is quick and easy. You just lie on your side, and add two or three drops of 5-10 ppm colloidal silver to the affected ear, allowing it to run down inside the ear and work its magic for at least seven minutes. (Watch the video for additional tips.) Experienced colloidal silver users say to repeat the procedure twice a day if necessary. Usually, if you catch an earache early enough, you can knock it out in a single day. Sometimes it takes more than one day, if you’ve waited too long to act. It's one of the easiest ways in the world to put the healing antimicrobial power of colloidal silver to work for you. And it's so simple and highly effective, once you've experienced it you’ll wonder why you’d never heard of doing so before!
  • Lesson #7: How to Make Colloidal Silver Toothpaste: Making colloidal silver toothpaste is so simple, anyone can do it. There's simply no need to pay big bucks for commercial colloidal silver toothpaste products. The amount of colloidal silver in them is generally minuscule, the price is generally exorbitant, and you can do-it-yourself BETTER and CHEAPER in just minutes. And what are the benefits? Say goodbye to plaque build-up, for one. Fewer cavities, for two. Fresher breath, for three. And an end to bleeding gums, as well. Why? Because colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic that helps kill and control the plaque and cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. It's one of the easiest ways in the world to put the healing antimicrobial power of colloidal silver to work for you. And it's so easy to do, once again, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it yourself once you learn the simple secret demonstrated in this video lesson!
  • Lesson #8: How to Nebulize Colloidal Silver: Inhaling small amounts of atomized colloidal silver into the lungs through a device called a nebulizer has become a popular way of treating upper respiratory infections through natural means. The prestigious Health Sciences Institute pointed out that nebulizing colloidal silver directly into the lungs is one of the fastest ways of effectively eliminating serious upper respiratory infections, including bronchitis and pneumonia. Dr. Victor A. Marciel-Vega, M.D. and other experts have long recommended nebulizing colloidal silver to help control upper respiratory infections. In this video demonstration, you’ll see what a nebulizer looks like and how it’ll learn how to add colloidal silver to your nebulizer...and you’ll discover the two main benefits of nebulizing colloidal silver into the lungs.
  • Lesson #9: Administering Colloidal Silver to Pets: Many people use colloidal silver to help heal infections in their cats, dogs and other pets, and now you can, too! Stomach infections, eye and ear infections, cuts, bites, burns and more can all be effectively treated with colloidal silver, the world's most powerful natural infection-fighting substance! In this short but revealing video lesson, you'll learn some of the simplest and most effective ways of treating pets with colloidal silver. And you'll discover how I healed my pet Chow, Red Dog, of a debilitating and stubborn stomach infection using colloidal silver.
  • Lesson #10: How to Make an Emergency Colloidal Silver Generator: Making your own emergency colloidal silver generator is quick and easy -- all you need is a common 9-volt battery, some pure, steam-distilled water, an 8 or 12-ounce drinking glass (made of glass, not plastic), a couple of Popsicle sticks and a set of pure, .999 fine silver wire. The video lesson explains the rest, and shows you how simple it is to assemble and use. This simple process will allow you make between 8 and 12 ounces of pure colloidal silver at a time, somewhere around 10 ppm. Note: This is not a cost-effective way to produce colloidal silver, because you have to use a new battery every time in order to obtain a similar strength batch. But it's great in an emergency when colloidal silver might not otherwise be available. So preppers, take note!
  • Lesson #11: How to Prove Colloidal Silver Kills Bacteria: Here's a very simple test you can perform in the privacy of your own home to demonstrate conclusively that colloidal silver eradicates bacterial growth. There's no need to pay hundreds of dollars to hire a fancy laboratory to test your colloidal silver for you. In fact, you can do it quickly and easily in your own kitchen. And the results are irrefutable, as you'll see when you watch this unique “how to” video lesson!
  • Lesson #12: The Laser Pointer Light Test for Colloidal Silver: In this video lesson you'll learn how to do the simple "laser pointer light test" for making sure your colloidal silver solution actually has active silver particles in it. The laser pointer light test is the simplest and most inexpensive way to test a colloidal silver solution and demonstrate visually that there are literally billions of sub-microscopic silver particles suspended in the solution. All you need is one of those inexpensive laser point lights (available for a couple of dollars at Walmart or other stores) and your colloidal silver. The video shows you the exact process, which is quick, simple and can be done in just two or three minutes. You’ll be able to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that your colloidal silver solution actually contains billions of suspended sub-microscopic silver particles suspended in the water by their electrical charge.

This is a fascinating and vital new full-color, 60-minute DVD that’s jam-packed with "how to" details – personally demonstrated by natural health journalist Steve Barwick -- on using colloidal silver to keep yourself and your family healthy and infection free, including simple demonstrations showing how to correctly administer colloidal silver.

When you finish watching this DVD, you'll know more than 99% of the population about how to use colloidal silver effectively and successfully in your home for a wide variety of healing purposes!

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