Colloidal Silver: What the Drug Companies Don't Want You To Know

This is the original 60-minute taped interview on CD, featuring Dr. Gary North interviewing Steve Barwick, author of the world’s #1 best-selling book on colloidal silver, The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual! Just plop it into your CD player and listen.

In this eye-opening interview Dr. North, former research assistant to Congressman Ron Paul, author of over 50 books and a long-time advocate of natural healing, peppers Steve Barwick with questions designed to help beginning colloidal silver users understand what a powerful and effective all-natural infection-fighting substance colloidal silver really is.

Barwick explains colloidal silver usage from A to Z as Dr. North pins him down with the hard questions you've probably always wanted to know the answers to, but didn't know who to ask, including:

  • What colloidal silver is, and why Big Pharma is so afraid of it!
  • Why foods are now so lacking in the mineral silver, and how this has resulted in increased levels of infection and disease!
  • How silver was used historically by the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Macedonians and others to prevent infectious disease, long before germs, viruses and fungi were ever discovered!
  • How silver was used to disinfect water and milk during the early days of the western migration!
  • Silver’s astonishing uses for preventing infections during World War I, before the advent of prescription antibiotic drugs!
  • Silver’s use for ophthalmic conditions (eye infections, and other eye problems) in the early 1900’s!
  • The myriad of uses for silver before the advent of prescription antibiotic drugs in the early 1900’s!
  • How and why silver use fell out of favor after sulfa drugs were discovered in the 1930’s!
  • How the advent of drug-resistant superbugs triggered the resurgence in colloidal silver usage during the 1980’s!
  • How a prescription silver gel for burn wounds helped bring silver’s infection-fighting qualities back into the medical limelight!
  • The fascinating 1970’s research of Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., of Syracuse Medical University, who began experimenting with and reinstituting the use of silver for fighting serious infections and related disease conditions!
  • How early versions of “colloidal silver generators” were used to cure stubborn bone infections such as osteomyelitis!
  • The astonishing way colloidal silver kills infectious microbes that makes it different (and undeniably better) than prescription antibiotic drugs!
  • Why it’s so difficult for infectious microorganisms to grow resistant to colloidal silver!
  • The 1994 act of Congress that helped bring colloidal silver back into public use, resulting in an astonishing 10 million users worldwide!
  • Why just an ounce a day of colloidal silver can help prevent colds, flu, upper respiratory infections, food poisoning and more!
  • Why, in 1999, the FDA published their intentions in the Federal Register to ban the sale of colloidal silver, and the dramatic firestorm of protest the proposed ban ignited!
  • The FDA’s fruitless three-year search to find a legitimate reason to ban colloidal silver, and why the ban never came about!
  • Why the FDA banned information about colloidal silver usage, instead of banning colloidal silver itself!
  • How the FDA’s ban on information about colloidal silver usage has backfired on them, and how this has affected the nationwide sales of colloidal silver in the U.S. to this very day!
  • The truth about argyria – i.e., so-called “blue man syndrome” and the many misunderstandings about it being promulgated by Big Pharma!
  • Why properly prepared and properly used colloidal silver has never been known to cause argyria!
  • How global corporate interests are still working behind-the-scenes to eliminate public access to colloidal silver to they can bring to market a prescription drug counterpart!
  • Another insidious way global medical bureaucrats are attempting to suppress the use of nutritional supplements like colloidal silver!
  • The simple reason the FDA and Big Pharma will never again be able to put the colloidal silver genie back into the bottle and stop people from using colloidal silver!
  • Why colloidal silver might be the American public’s best chance against biological terrorism (i.e., germ warfare)!
  • Dr. Robert O. Becker’s startling findings that people with the lowest levels of silver in their body have the highest levels of illness and disease!
  • How the powers-that-be defunded Dr. Robert O. Becker’s research into the infection-fighting and curative powers of colloidal silver after his work at Syracuse Medical University become known!
  • The #1 side-effect of colloidal silver usage – killing off too many pathogens at once -- and the simple solution avoiding it!
  • Why colloidal silver doesn’t generally kill beneficial microbes in the body, and the specific conditions under which it can!
  • Why so many medical professionals have been so skeptical about the use of colloidal silver, and how this is now rapidly changing for the better since the advent of the internet!
  • Why making your own colloidal silver for pennies per ounce is actually superior to paying through the nose for commercial brands of colloidal silver that can be contaminated with additives, or in many cases not have any silver particles in them at all!
  • The little-known benefits of making your own colloidal silver, quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and how it’s done with a device so exceptionally simple anyone can use it!
  • The dangers of poorly-constructed colloidal silver generators, and why they’re often referred to as “mud makers” by knowledgeable colloidal silver users!
  • The crucial importance of using a colloidal silver generator that’s calibrated to produce a stable silver colloid with a controlled particle size range!
  • How colloidal silver helped Steve Barwick return to a normal, healthy life after years of battling with debilitating Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome!
  • Why using colloidal silver can help you get rid of many infections in 24 hours or less!
  • How to get the maximum potency out of your colloidal silver, and the simple solution to keeping it potent for longer periods of time than normal!
  • The simple test you can easily do at home to make sure your colloidal silver is still fully potent!
  • What the best kind of colloidal silver is!
  • What you need to know about the powerful infection-fighting benefits of colloidal silver in order to obtain maximum effectiveness!
  • How to use colloidal silver topically, for external infections!
  • How much to use internally, on a daily basis, in order to help prevent colds, flu, and other common infections!
  • How to avoid the rare side effects of colloidal silver usage!
  • What kind of results you can expect after you've been using colloidal silver daily!
  • What the latest clinical studies are demonstrating about colloidal silver's astonishing effectiveness against super-pathogens such as MRSA!
  • And much, much more!

In this eye-opening CD interview, Barwick also reveals little-known details of the Big Pharma conspiracy against colloidal silver and explains why owning a high-quality colloidal silver generator is the one and only sure-fire way to break the stranglehold of the big drug companies on colloidal silver, and take back your right to heal yourself and your family of infection and disease using completely natural means whenever you want!

Once you listen to this in-depth interview, you’ll never look at colloidal silver usage the same way, again. It’s astonishing healing’s surprising lack of toxicity to the human’s gentle, healing’s powerful effectiveness against infectious microorganisms...are all documented and explained unlike you’ve ever heard it before.

Be sure to get your copy today, and slip it into your CD player as soon as you get it, for the education of your life on the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver and why the medical bureaucrats don’t want you to know about this often wondrous healing substance!

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