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Colloidal Silver and Cancer: A Surprising Look!

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A Surprising Look (124 pages soft cover book) – The FDA, Mayo Clinic, WebMD and numerous other medical sources all repeatedly affirm that colloidal silver is not a “cancer cure”. And that's true. After all, not a single human clinical study has been conducted to test colloidal silver's oft-claimed anti-cancer properties. And as long as no one does the human testing, a “cure” simply can’t be claimed. But here’s what the FDA and other medical authorities won’t tell you: There have now been dozens of laboratory test tube studies and animal studies documenting the astonishing ability of silver to kill cancer cells and shrink cancer tumors. Not just one or two studies, mind you. But dozens! And while these studies are not “human” studies, they nevertheless lend an impressive degree of credence to anecdotal reports from people all over the world who claim their cancers were miraculously cured after they started using colloidal silver.

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