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Colloidal Silver Cures MRSA

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Colloidal Silver Cures MRSA (booklet) – In this eye-opening 36-page booklet, you’ll learn why medical authorities are still so suspiciously silent about colloidal silver’s proven ability to heal MRSA infections, in spite of the fact that 94,000 Americans develop life-threatening MRSA infections each and every year, and a whopping 18,650 Americans die from those infections. And you’ll discover through a half dozen case histories exactly how people are curing their own MRSA infections with colloidal silver, including the specific methods of administration they’re using and the dosages, as well.

Additionally, you’ll learn why MRSA infections actually cause more deaths every single year than AIDS in the U.S., and why the only “risky behavior” you have to engage in to contract a potentially deadly MRSA infection is to go shopping at your local supermarket…or go to the local gym to workout…or eat out at a local restaurant…or go to the movies…or just about anything in public places where “touch surfaces” can hold the deadly MRSA pathogen! You’ll also learn why children are now one of the easiest targets for MRSA, particularly now that it’s moved from the hospital surgical wards and into the general community.

Finally, you’ll learn about the astonishing clinical studies demonstrating beyond any shadow of a doubt that colloidal silver kills MRSA with relative ease. PLUS: How an Albany, Georgia man cured his own MRSA infection with antimicrobial silver and avoided a surgery ordered by his doctor to remove the infected tissue…how an 82-year old British grandfather cured his own MRSA infection with colloidal silver after being sent home by his doctors to die…how a doctor was cured of MRSA with colloidal silver, after his wife was told there was nothing else anyone could do for him…why the EPA admits silver kills MRSA, even while the FDA makes it a criminal offense to say so when advertising a commercial colloidal silver product…and much, much more astonishing information that makes this one of the most “must have” reports I’ve ever written!

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Does Colloidal Silver Really Cure Deadly MRSA Infections?

Yes, it really does!

Colloidal silver has now been proven in four different clinical studies to cure MRSA infections.

Here’s the straight scoop you need to know!

When 82-year old David Sharman contracted an extremely tough MRSA infection directly after a hospital surgery, he knew his chances for living were slim.

So he went home and began using a concoction from a local health food store called colloidal silver on his surgical wounds each day. He later told the Evening Telegraph:

“I was determined to help myself and began using colloidal silver directly on my wound daily….Getting MRSA doesn’t have to mean the end of the road. I could feel myself slowly getting better, and the day I got the all-clear was an extremely happy day for my whole family.”

MRSA Now Kills More People Than AIDS

You’ve probably read the news reports that deaths from MRSA infections are now outpacing deaths from the AIDS virus, here in the U.S. and throughout the world.

That’s why doctors are so frightened. They know that MRSA infections – which were once confined to people with fresh surgical wounds under long-term hospital care – are now moving rapidly into the general population. And, anyone who comes into contact with groups of people on a regular basis – such as in supermarkets, churches, hospital rooms, business offices, gyms, or other places where people congregate – are susceptible.

4 New Studies Prove Colloidal Silver Kills MRSA

Fortunately, four brand new clinical studies prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that natural silver – particularly colloidal silver – destroys the MRSA pathogen quickly and effectively, unlike any other infection-fighting substance known to man.

To learn everything you need to know about MRSA and colloidal silver, simply order the booklet Colloidal Silver: The Undisputed Cure For MRSA and Other Super-Pathogens above.

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