The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

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Still the world’s #1 bestselling book on colloidal silver usage for 10 years running.
You get:

• 40 in-depth chapters, 547 pages covering:
• Infectious diseases colloidal silver works against
• Overviews of the most important clinical studies
• In-depth interviews with top colloidal silver experts
• Complete dosage recommendations for specific diseases
• Success stories: From the common cold to cancer
• And much more!

Save a whopping $100 by acting now!

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  1. I purchased the Colloidal Silver manual about 3yrs ago now, after I had purchased the colloidal Silver generator for family use. I have read thru and highlighted many important areas throughout the book for reference points. I was familiar with Colloidal Silver prior my purchases but, found this manual very important reference material, in both understanding and the plethoria of uses presented using ‘ Micro-particle’ colloidal silver. I can honestly say, the manual is ‘one of a kind’ and my experiences in using micro-colloidal silver is nothing short of astounding in addressing infections of many types. I’ve addressed oral problems, skin/tissue injuries, eye infections, bites, animals diseases, pneumonia, bronchitis, and even plant fungus problems. I have to agree… this manual was and is, as advertized and more. I now hope to get the new ‘updated’ manual soon.
    Thank You Mr. Barwick for your fine work in producing this ‘one of a kind’ colloidal Silver manual. It’s helped me, my family, and friends numerous times.

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